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Be part of the “Professional Dreadlock Maker Online Course”

I’m turning my professional dreadlock maker education into an online course, together with videos, coaching calls, a great community of passionate locticians and with me you will learn everything you need to know to start your own professional loctician business.
All this online in the comfort of your home or studio/salon.

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My story

I’ve always been a super creative person, I’ve been doing art and handicrafts for as long as I can remember. 

Growing up in the age of MTV, I was watching music videos all afternoon while doing art when I got home from school, I was always in awe of Lenny Kravitz’s dreadlocks, I was dreaming of having hair like him.

Fast forward a few years, my friends wanted me to help them out with their hair, I might add that some things turned out great and some hair experiments were a total disaster.

One day I was offered a chance to take a course in dreadlock making and hair extensions in London, with the supportive mom that I have she pushed me into the direction of taking this course.

I was in London for a few days and learned some techniques, and then I was home taking clients and having a lot of questions. I didn’t feel ”ready”.

I felt alone in what I was doing and I didn’t have anyone to juggle ideas and techniques with (well this was in the beginning of the year 2000, and there was barely a thing called the ”internet” then).

I started to work and work, had a website up, took photos of my clients and continued to evolve as a hairdresser and dreadlock and hair extension specialist.

Many, many dreadheads later, and different techniques that I have learnt throughout my career, I’ve assembled my own special technique that I do dreadlocks with and that I have now become world-famous for.

Within my career of making dreadlocks, I’ve had a team of people working with me to build up an online shop for dreadheads, we have been listening to what dreadheads are missing and would like to be able to buy.

So with my team I built – http://www.dreadstuff.com that has become the number one webshop when it comes to dreadlock products and accessories.

Throughout the years I’ve not only become an expert in dreadlock making and hair extensions, but I’ve also been studying and learning, through trial and error, on how you use the digital world to reach out with your message.

With loads of success I’ve been featured on Swedish television, in magazines and I have grown a huge following online.

The result has become that I have people traveling to me from all over the world to get their hair done, I’ve also gone from a 2 weeks waiting list to up to 10 weeks!

Sneak peak of what you will learn!

Step by step I’m going to guide you to learn how to make dreadlocks, maintain dreadlocks, dreadlock extensions and how to build up your business with everything that you need to think of to take that huge leap to go into business for yourself.
Not only am I going to guide you in how you can attract your dream clients, so that you will feel that you are hanging out with your best friends all day, but you are also going to learn how you can get your clients to come back again and again for your quality work!

By going through this ”Professional Dreadlock Maker Online Course” in your home, or your studio/salon, you will be part of a group of other locticians attending this course worldwide that will cheer you along the way, together with me.

If you also decide to pass all the extra assignments, after the initial course is completed, you will be listed on our website as a ”Seienstyle Official Affiliate” and we will help to promote you on our social media channels and our newsletter so that you will attract the right dream clients for you!

Don’t miss the chance to be part of Seienstyle’s network of professional dreadlock makers and take the step towards changing your life today!

Dreadlocks with extensions 

Dreadlock maintenance 

All the skills you need as a loctitian

Learn dreadlock techniques that work on all types of hair

Seienstyle’s Professional Dreadlock Maker Online Course
How does it work?
As soon as you have purchased this course, you will get some instructions, it is super important that you follow these!
You will also get access to Module one: Who are you and who do you want to be?
In this module you will get some exercises where you will get to question yourself on – Who are you, what impact do you want to put into the world and who do you need to be in order to be a great business owner?
On April 30, you will get access to Module two: Welcome to the world of dreadlocks
In this part you will get all the knowledge that you need to have about dreadlocks, how dreadlocks work, how to ”understand” hair which will help you in your work, plus a lot more information.
May 7, you will get access to Module three: Basics in dreadlocks making
By this time we have had time to ship your “professional tool kit”, with all the tools you need to make dreadlocks, and a mannequin doll head that you will use during this week to start, and also finish, to do dreadlocks on.
Count on that you will need 2-4 working days to finish your doll head and to really get the skills down the right way.
May 14, you will get access to Module four: Dreadlocks, full head on a hair model
This week you will learn everything that you need to know about how to finish a full head of dreadlocks on a hair model, you need to set off about 1-2 working days to be able to finish your first full head of dreadlocks  =)
May 21, you will get access to Module five: Dreadlocks maintenance on a hair model
This week you will learn everything that you need to learn to maintain dreadlocks.
Your homework this week is to maintain a dreadlock models dreadlocks, you will need to have a full working day to finish your dreadlocks maintenance model.
May 28, you will get access to Module six: Dreadlocks with extensions on a hair model
During this week you will learn everything that you need to know about dreadlocks with extension.
This is something of Ann-Marie’s specialty, she has clients flying in from all over the world to have her transform their hair with her skills in this!
You will need to have 2 full working days to finish a head of dreadlocks with extensions on the hair model needed for this week’s homework.
June 4, you will get access to Module seven: Extend dreadlocks on a hair model
You will learn everything that you need to know about extending dreadlocks. Your homework for this week is to extend the dreadlocks of one hair model, this will take you about 1 full workday to finish.
June 11, you will get access to Module eight: The path to become a “Seienstyle Official Affiliate”
This week is all about to plan out the homework that you will need to do to become an official affiliate of Seienstyle.
You will have to do a list with assignments, that we will give you, of different hair models to prove that you do quality work and that you really can do this in a professional way.
You will have 3 months to complete the assignments to become an official affiliate!
The reason we have set a date on this is because to become a professional dreadlock maker you need to practice, practice and practice and the more that you make dreadlocks, the better your work will become and the more professional you will be.
What do I get if I pass the final exams of being an official affiliate of Seienstyle?
By passing your final exams and becoming an official affiliate you will be part of Seienstyle’s professional network of dreadlock makers, you will get listed on www.seienstyle.net with info on how clients can reach you, you will get invited to do a Facebook live and an Instagram live with Ann-Marie on our social media channels where you can tell your story and get your dream clients attracted to you.
We will share your work on our social media channels and newsletters as well.
This will help you in getting your business up and running really fast to get your dream clients lining up outside your door!
June 18, you will get access to Module nine: How to build a brand and market yourself
This part of the course is where you will get down to business.
You will get all the things that you need, and how to think, in building a brand around you and your company to attract the clients of your dreams.
You will learn how to take photos of your work, how to write texts to attract the clients that you want to have and you will learn what is important to have on your website to have your dream clients be attracted to you!

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