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Today, I have a question here from a girl on Instagram. “I would like to have a few dreadlocks but I don’t know which was the best place to make them?”

So, if you want just a few dreadlocks on your hair, it’s really, really important that you can divide your loose hair with the dreadlock hair. If you start to make like one dreadlock in the middle of your hair like here, and you have all this loose hair around; you will have a really, really hard time to separating the dreadlock from the loose hair and when you’re brushing your hair, you might start to brush on the dreadlock.

So, I highly recommend if you want to do dreadlocks in just like a few here and there; make them in the neck. Just take the bottom section of your hair, make a row and make sure that you make a straight row. You can use a pin comb for that to make the section and just put all the hair up, just to make a straight section. It is really, really important and then do the dreadlocks there. Because then it will be so, so, so much easier for you to take care of the dreadlocks and also take care of your loose hair. Or maybe you can do them on the side here or wherever. But it’s really, really important that you have straight lines and so that you can take care of them. Otherwise, what could happen is that like a lot of loose hair will come on starting to dread together with the dreadlock that you already have.

So, it’s really, really important that it doesn’t like your hair will start to dread into this huge dreadlock and you don’t know what to do about it. And also, taking care of your dreadlocks in your hair, it’s really important just to separate the loose hair from the dreadlocks. If you want to comb your hair, maybe you can put some dreadlocks here and then lift the loose hair and then brush it out or whatever and also taking care of them. I know like you want to put conditioner on your loose hair. Do that, but leave the dreadlocks out of it. It’s really, really important because otherwise the dreadlocks will start to unravel and that wouldn’t be so much fun.

I will hope this will help you and you will learn how to just make a few dreadlocks and where to place them on your head. Do you have a friend that’s thinking about this? Show them this video so they know where to place their dreadlocks.

I want to know what more about dreadlocks do you want to know. Please email me your questions to annmarie@dreadstuff.com 

So, I recommend that you – you will feel that when you wash your dreadlocks at some point that they don’t go like all wild and crazy and poofy, then you will know that the maturing process has started and you will see that the regrowth of your dreadlocks has started to dread really much faster and you don’t really have to work that much on them. So, you will know.

Well, she had another question about how to dry dreadlocks and I have a video on how to dry your dreadlocks with a blow dryer. So, go over to this video and you will learn how to blow dry your dreadlocks: https://dreadstuff.com/pages/how-to-dry-dreadlocks-in-a-cold-climate

Now I want to know what more do you want to learn about dreadlocks? Feel free to email me with your questions to annmarie@dreadstuff.com and I will help you with your questions about dreadlocks.

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