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Learn the trade of professional dreadlock making and how to market your business so clients will be lining up outside your door.

Instead of watching hours and hours of dreadlock making videos on YouTube trying to figure out how to make dreadlocks, but still not getting all the information you really need, you can come and do a hands-on class and learn the correct professional way of making dreadlocks!

Ann-Marie making another clients hair dreams come true!

Ann-Marie making one of her clients hair dreams come true!

Learning how to make dreadlocks can’t be that hard, or…?

You work as a hairdresser and are fascinated by dreadlocks and you want to learn more about it, and you are dreaming about starting to offer it in your salon.

One of your clients asked you if you could try to do dreadlocks on them and you said yes because you love a challenge and you thought that, how hard can it be…?

For days you were searching on information about dreadlocks and you were watching every YouTube video that you could find.

You realise that the persons sharing their knowledge about dreadlocks are young kids, that have dreadlocks themselves and have made them for themselves, but there are no professional dreadlock makers that are actually sharing their knowledge about how they are making dreadlocks.

You try out on some human hair that you have lying around in the salon and hm… can it really be that hard?

The big day comes, your client arrives and you start with trying out to do dreadlocks on your clients hair.

Halfway through you are thinking, how the heck am I supposed to do this? Am I doing this right?

It was so easy when I was working on the hair extension hair, I feel like I’m a fraud.

I’m already tired in my hands and how the heck can all these dreadlock makers stand for a whole day and do dreadlocks?

Your big dream of starting to offer dreadlocks in your salon is not so close anymore…

What if this would be your reality?

Imagine a world where you could get the knowledge of how to be doing dreadlocks in a professional way, where you could stand for 6 hours and do dreadlocks on your clients without feeling that you are a fraud.

That you have the feeling that you know what you are doing and without your body totally crashing because you are doing it wrong.

A world where you can create a head of dreadlocks within a few hours, and you have super happy new clients that leaves the salon with the hair of their dreams and they are so happy that it is hard for you not to be drawn into that powerful energy of happiness that your clients have.

Within a few days you will have other people contacting you because they have seen your clients hair and they want you to transform them into dreadheads as well.

Throughout your journey of becoming a professional dreadlock maker you have a group of other students cheering you on, you all have become a tight community of people that are helping each other out and you are sharing each other’s stories with one another.

You also have a teacher that keeps on checking in with all of you in your process of running your dreadlock businesses, and who really cares of how all of you are doing.

Within a year you have clients driving hours to come and see you for your unique deadlocking services and you are able to support you and your family on a service that you love doing.

Wouldn’t that be a great life?

This is what your life can look like this fall!

Take the step towards a future of joy and happiness!

I’ve always been a super creative person, I’ve been doing art and handicrafts for as long as I can remember. 

Growing up in the age of MTV, I was watching music videos all afternoon while doing art when I got home from school, I was always in awe of Lenny Kravitz’s dreadlocks, I was dreaming of having hair like him.

Fast forward a few years, my friends wanted me to help them out with their hair, I might add that some things turned out great and some hair experiments were a total disaster.

One day I was offered a chance to take a course in dreadlock making and hair extensions in London, with the supportive mom that I have she pushed me into the direction of taking this course.

I was in London for a few days and learned some techniques, and then I was home taking clients and having a lot of questions. I didn’t feel ”ready”.

I felt alone in what I was doing and I didn’t have anyone to juggle ideas and techniques with (well this was in the beginning of the year 2000, and there was barely a thing called the ”internet” then).

I started to work and work, had a website up, took photos of my clients and continued to evolve as a hairdresser and dreadlock and hair extension specialist.

Many, many dreadheads later, and different techniques that I have learnt throughout my career, I’ve assembled my own special technique that I do dreadlocks with and that I have now become world-famous for.

Within my career of making dreadlocks, I’ve had a team of people working with me to build up an online shop for dreadheads, we have been listening to what dreadheads are missing and would like to be able to buy.

So with my team I built – http://www.dreadstuff.com that has become the number one webshop when it comes to dreadlock products and accessories.

Throughout the years I’ve not only become an expert in dreadlock making and hair extensions, but I’ve also been studying and learning, through trial and error, on how you use the digital world to reach out with your message.

With loads of success I’ve been featured on Swedish television, in magazines and I have grown a huge following online.

The result has become that I have people traveling to me from all over the world to get their hair done, I’ve also gone from a 2 weeks waiting list to up to 10 weeks!

Five secrets behind running a professional dreadlock business:

* By understanding who your clients are, and what they want, it will be much easier to speak to them online so that they will start lining up outside your door.

* There are unique dreadlock making techniques that will get you to do a great job on your clients that will take less time than you could ever imagine.

* You will start to create great relationships with your clients that will get them to come back for more of your unique work.

* Doing dreadlocks professionally, is not only about doing hair but you will also become someone that listens to and support your clients.

* Building up a professional dreadlock business demands a lot of hard work, determination and an openness to evolve, not only with your craft but also as a human being. 

What makes this professional dreadlock education unique?

You will not only learn the trade of dreadlock making but also how to take care of your new clients and get the information that you need to give to your clients to help them with how to take care of their hair.

You will learn the importance of making a good website that sells, how to make sure that it shows up on google searches, and the importance of when your future clients visit your website, they will get the feeling that they already know you when they step inside of your salon.

You will learn how to take good photos of your clients, you will learn how to post photos with great captions on social media, because it’s through your website and your social media accounts that you will get people to start to line up outside of your door.

Many people think that the world is the same as it used to be, that you got an education, you started your business and opened the door to your salon, and then people would start to talk about you and know who you are just through ”word of mouth”.

Yes, ”word of mouth” is still very important, but to share your work online is also important.

When I started to use online marketing as a tool, and when I learnt how to take decent photos of my clients, I saw an increase of my Instagram account going from 1.000 – 49.000 followers.

I started to have clients travel from USA, Canada, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, England… the list goes on and on.

One day I thought that it would be fun to go to London to work, I put it out on social media, and within a few days I was fully booked, and had even more people than I had time for that wanted to come.

So this is why this course has a full day dedicated to using social media and the internet, and why it’s so important.


The unique techniques that I use when I do dreadlocks today, is a mix mash of different methods that I have assembled to create my own unique technique, you will not find anyone else in the world that works with dreadlocks that are using this unique technique.

This technique works on any type of hair, it doesn’t matter if it is Asian, Afro hair, Caucasian or Scandinavian.

You will learn this technique, and know how to use it so that you can do dreadlocks from scratch, you can maintain dreadlocks, you can transform dreadlocks that are a total disaster, or you can extend dreadlocks to make them longer, and you will get all the knowledge of dreadlocks that you need to know to start your very own dreadlock business. 


I will give you some assignments that you will have to do before you arrive to the course.

I want you to start to think in a new way, and this is super important that you will do these assignments because it is the base for the whole course. I want you to grow as a person as much as possible, and this is why I want to give you a taste of what I will share with you apart from the dreadlock making part in this course.


All of this is so that you can get to know yourself more, because the more grounded and steady you feel as a person, the more you will be able to help your clients.

Something that I didn’t know about my newfound profession when I started out, was that it was going to be such a social job, for me it was all about learning about hair.

Well the social skills is important as well, you will almost become a therapist/ friend to your clients.

Question yourself, how often do you get a few hours just to sit down with a friend and talk without anything else happening?

Or for instance, how often do you sit in the same room with someone and talk for 8 hours?

In this day in age, when we are working and using our computers so much, do you ever take the time to put aside your digital world and just be?

For me, working with my clients is also a way to make them relax and just ”be”.


With help from me, you can create your dream life where you can help dreadheads all over the world!

Ann-Marie has been featured in: 

If you say yes to any of these questions, then you should NOT take this course:

– You believe that you already know everything that you need to know about dreadlocks


– You think it’s not going to work in your country


– You think it’s crazy to travel all the way to Sweden to learn how to do professional dreadlocks


– You believe that you don’t need to pay taxes for the money that you earn


– You believe that starting and running a business does not involve, or demand, a lot of hard work


– You think that dreadheads are crazy


– You think that it’s ok to sit and smoke pot all day


– You want to take this course just to take care of your own dreadlocks


– You are not ready to push yourself to the most extreme edge to become the best student you can possibly be and really take in all the information that is given to you during this course


– You do not take pride in the work that you do


– Think that all dreadheads are dirty smelly hippies


– You believe that it’s not worth paying good money to get your dreadlocks fixed up


– I can just watch a few videos on YouTube to learn all these skills


– It’s a crazy amount of money to pay for a course to learn how to do dreadlocks


– It’s wrong to make money off dreadlocks


– You believe that dreadlocks should not be made, they should naturally form by themselves and that is the only way

How this online course is built up

As soon as you have purchased this course, you will get some instructions, it is super important that you follow these!
You will also get access to Module one: Who are you and who do you want to be?
In this module you will get some exercises where you will get to question yourself on – Who are you, what impact do you want to put into the world and who do you need to be in order to be a great business owner?
Week  2, you will get access to Module two: Welcome to the world of dreadlocks
In this part you will get all the knowledge that you need to have about dreadlocks, how dreadlocks work, how to ”understand” hair which will help you in your work, plus a lot more information.
Week 3 , you will get access to Module three: Basics in dreadlocks making
By this time we have had time to ship your “professional tool kit”, with all the tools you need to make dreadlocks, and a mannequin doll head that you will use during this week to start, and also finish, to do dreadlocks on.
Count on that you will need 2-4 working days to finish your doll head and to really get the skills down the right way.
Week 5 , you will get access to Module four: Dreadlocks, full head on a hair model
This week you will learn everything that you need to know about how to finish a full head of dreadlocks on a hair model, you need to set off about 1-2 working days to be able to finish your first full head of dreadlocks  =)
Week 6 , you will get access to Module five: Dreadlocks maintenance on a hair model
This week you will learn everything that you need to learn to maintain dreadlocks.
Your homework this week is to maintain a dreadlock models dreadlocks, you will need to have a full working day to finish your dreadlocks maintenance model.
Week 7, you will get access to Module six: Dreadlocks with extensions on a hair model
During this week you will learn everything that you need to know about dreadlocks with extension.
This is something of Ann-Marie’s specialty, she has clients flying in from all over the world to have her transform their hair with her skills in this!
You will need to have 2 full working days to finish a head of dreadlocks with extensions on the hair model needed for this week’s homework.
Week 8 , you will get access to Module seven: Extend dreadlocks on a hair model
You will learn everything that you need to know about extending dreadlocks. Your homework for this week is to extend the dreadlocks of one hair model, this will take you about 1 full workday to finish.
Week 9, you will get access to Module eight: The path to become a “Seienstyle Official Affiliate”
This week is all about to plan out the homework that you will need to do to become an official affiliate of Seienstyle.
You will have to do a list with assignments, that we will give you, of different hair models to prove that you do quality work and that you really can do this in a professional way.
You will have 6 months to complete the assignments to become an official affiliate!
The reason we have set a date on this is because to become a professional dreadlock maker you need to practice, practice and practice and the more that you make dreadlocks, the better your work will become and the more professional you will be so I want you to take action and do the work on a regular basis. From doing the work you will learn more.
What do I get if I pass the final exams of being an official affiliate of Seienstyle?
By passing your final exams and becoming an official affiliate you will be part of Seienstyle’s professional network of dreadlock makers, you will get listed on www.seienstyle.net with info on how clients can reach you, you will get invited to do a Facebook live and an Instagram live with Ann-Marie on our social media channels where you can tell your story and get your dream clients attracted to you.
We will share your work on our social media channels and newsletters as well.
This will help you in getting your business up and running really fast to get your dream clients lining up outside your door!
Week 10, you will get access to Module nine: How to build a brand and market yourself
This part of the course is where you will get down to business.
You will get all the things that you need, and how to think, in building a brand around you and your company to attract the clients of your dreams.
You will learn how to take photos of your work, how to write texts to attract the clients that you want to have and you will learn what is important to have on your website to have your dream clients be attracted to you!
You will still have access to this course after you have finished it, so you can go back and check things out again and again. Ann-Marie will also be there to help you out on your journey!

Pricing Options

You can choose these payment options You can choose to pay via Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Klarna or Swish. Included in the price: You will get a mannequin head with a table stand, a professional comb, crochet hooks, string, string scissors and some human hair to practice on the doll with.
The tools you will get is the best on the market and they will last for a long time. What you will need to get yourself is human hair that matches your hair model’s hair.
If you need, you will get help from Ann-Marie on how to find hair extension hair.

This can be your way of life too!

Take the step today and start working towards a life of joy and fulfilment!

What are you waiting for ?

Why wait for your big dreams of becoming a professional dreadlock maker to come true?


With over 18 years of experience of working with dreadlocks I have assembled the best course that you need for you to become an amazing dreadlock artist.
When you leave the course you will not only have loads of new skills, but you will also have a support group around you that will cheer you on in your journey as a professional dreadlock maker.

I believe that with hard work and a lot of willpower, you are going to create a great life full of joy and happiness for you and your family!

The course has limited space!

You will be certified by Seienstyle as a professional dreadlock maker, but you have to check the rules in your country, different countries have different rules when it comes to running a professional dreadlock making service.
It’s up to you to figure out what you have to do to become totally legal in your country. Note that this is one of the things that you have to do to be able to take this course.

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