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Questions for a dreadhead – Annika

dreadlock intervju Nov 19, 2016


Someting that has come to my notice on the internet is that alot of dreadlock pictures of people are floting around and are beeing posted everywere. It ends up with no one knowing who are in these pics and also people has no respect for publishing dreadheads pictures.

After working with dreadheads for over 16 years I know that every dreadhead that Ive meet over the years have their own dread story to tell and it's a shame no one is sharing this.

Here you have a video when me and Annika is talking about dreadlocks while Im doing dreadlock maintance on her dreadlocks.

It was super fun to get to know Annika and Im realy happy that she wanted to join me for this edventure. And that she wanted to share her story with all of you. Do you want to share your story?


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