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I would like to have a fwe dreadlocks but I don't know which was the best place to make them?

dreadlock faq Jan 14, 2017

Today, I have a question here from a girl on Instagram. “I would like to have a few dreadlocks but I don’t know which was the best place to make them?”

So, if you want just a few dreadlocks on your hair, it’s really, really important that you can divide your loose hair with the dreadlock hair. If you start to make like one dreadlock in the middle of your hair like here, and you have all this loose hair around; you will have a really, really hard time to separating the dreadlock from the loose hair and when you’re brushing your hair, you might start to brush on the dreadlock.

So, I highly recommend if you want to do dreadlocks in just like a few here and there; make them in the neck. Just take the bottom section of your hair, make a row and make sure that you make a straight row. You can use a pin comb for that to make the section and just put all the hair up, just to make a straight section. It is really, really important and then do the dreadlocks...

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