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Vad är hårförlängnings metoden Serene Flow wave?

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020
Letar du efter en ny hårförlänings metod som är skonsam mot ditt hår och är super bekväm att ha i håret?
Då måste du prova på den helt nya revolutionerade hårförlänings metoden Serene Flow wave, det är en helt naturlig hårförlänings metod som är framtagen för just dig med tunt skandinaviskt hår som drömmer som det längre och tjockare håret som du bara inte kan få helt naturligt.
Hur går hårförlänings metoden Serene Flow wave till?
Jag delar upp ditt hår i sektioner och kollar vart ska jag placera löshåret så att det ej syns var jag placerar dom, för att du ska kunna sätta upp håret utan att det syns att du har löshår och för att det ska kännas bekvämt på ditt huvud.
Jag tar lite hår och flätar en liten fläta som är...
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Partial dreadlocks med syntet dreadlocks

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2020

Bilden ovan så kan du se håret på min kund Nellie innan, har har typisk skadinaviskt hår, tunt och glatt.

För att skapa denna frisyr så har jag flätat in syntet hår och skapat dom till dreadlocks och jag har änven flätat in lite äkta löshår för att skapa en mer fylligare frisyr.

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Meet my Affiliate Heidi from Roots & Color from Finland

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2019
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Meet my Affiliate Tove from Charmydreads from Göteborg Sweden

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2019
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Seienstyle affiliate tour London! Get your dream dreadlocks today!

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2019

We are taking it to the next level and going on tour!


Hey you! This is the Seienstyle affiliates Heidi , Hanna and Tove poppin-in to tell you about this journey we are about to take!  And we really want you in on it, where ever you are! Share this with us cuz it’s to exciting to miss!

So unbelievable how fast time goes when you are having fun! And suddenly it’s already been over a year since the first group , Hanna and Heidi among them , spent a week in Seienstyles salon learning about this technique to start creating beautiful dreadlocks! It started a journey we only imagined in our wildest dreams, doing what we love and doing it good! Running our own businesses making dreadlocks and dreams come thru for a living!

So we decided to take this skill with us out in the world by doing a Seienstyle affiliate DreadlockTour!

Tecniqually that means we are picking a location where we travel to (and we means any of the already affiliated locticians by...

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Uncategorized Nov 14, 2018
The other day I started to think about the thing that I ask all the clients that comes to my salon to get their hair done and also to all my students.
Why do you want to have dreadlocks?
How long have you been thinking of getting dreadlocks? 
The most common answer is: I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about getting my hair done for years but there has been something that has been in my way, something has been stopping me. 
When I ask more about it usually the person never knows what it is that is holding them back.
I got this urge to film a video on the walk to the salon on a windy November morning about what it is that is standing in your way to achieve your dreams?
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Susanns dreadlocks with extensions

dreadlocks Nov 06, 2018

How long are you going to wait until you get the hair that you have been dreaming of for so long?
This is Susann that came to me a few weeks ago to start her dreadlock journey. She is I’ve 60 years old and had been thinking and thinking of getting her hair dreaded but there was always something in the way, she stubbled across one of my videos on YouTube and felt drawn to me and decided now was the time. She started playing with the dreadlocks as soon as I made them one by one and now she has an amazing head of dreadlocks with some loose hair on the top. 
It is never to late to start your dreadlock journey!

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I'm sharing what is happening in the dreadlock community at the moment!

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2018
The past two weeks in the dreadlocks community there have been several social media and web site accounts showing up with people stealing other dreadlock salon’s work and promoting them as their own work.
One way of looking at this is that apparently we’re doing really, really good work since some people want to use it to get clients for themselves.
But on the other hand, the sad part here is that they want to take credit for your work, these people are not being honest and stealing someone else’s work and promoting it as their own, is really not a good thing.
Yes you can watermark photos, put your logo on them etc, but I have this view of the world that I assume that people are honest, that they’re doing the best they can and are trying to show up in the world as the best version of themselves that they possibly can.
This is my world view and I try to be an example in the world and share what I believe is right in my way of looking at the world.
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What will happen to my hair if I take out my dreadlocks?

take out dreadlocks Oct 17, 2018
One of the biggest misconceptions about dreadlocks is that the day that I do not want to have my dreadlocks anymore I have to shave off my hair!
You proablably have heard that a million times right? 
This is one of the myths about dreadlocks that are going around that is not true at all. 
Yes you can comb out dreadlocks and depending on what quality of hair you have you will not even notice that you have had dreadlocks or it will be a bit damage but within a few months your hair will feel like normal again.
Something that can help you out is to use Knotty boys removal kit that can be found here:
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