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Lär dig allt som du behöver veta om att ha dreadlocks!






How to make a braid headband of your dreadlocks

dreadlock updo Jul 02, 2016

1. & 2. Separate a square section at the bottom of your neck, take 3 – 6 dreadlocks depending of how thick you want the dreadlock braids to be.

3. Make a braid of the dreadlocks you selected.

4. & 5. …and braid all the way down.

6. 7. & 8. Repeat 1. thru 5. on the other side of your head.

9. Push all the dreadlocks in your forehead back, then take one of the braids you’ve just made and put it across the middle of your head.

10. Now take the other dreadlock braid and put it across the middle of your head, like you’ve just done with the first one. Place the dreadlock braids side by side on top of your head.

11. Secure the dreadlock braids underneath your dreads, in the back of your head, with hairpins.

12. Voilà! Now you have a great looking updo =)


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Why did you get dreadlocks?

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2016
  • Hi All dreadheads! Today I want to ask you a question: Why did you get dreadlocks done? 
    Also do you have any suggestions for someone that is debating weather they should get dreadlocks done or not.
  • joshy_knaufDreads are a Lifestyle...i love My Dreads For me it's nature,freedome,love and peace haha  #hippie
  • chi3fTo feel as wild as my soul!!
  • thvndx_I have them cause every time I'm in South Africa with dreads( I'm half South African btw) I get loads of people giving me high fives cuz I'm young with dreads
  • tinnatinnanBecause I can make such fabulous dread buns!
  • meaningfulladictionMy hair was thinning due to a medication .
  • meaningfulladictionI stopped the meds and started palm rolling . 3 years this past may.
  • mossrootjewelleryI feel much more connected to myself (and to others) with them. Kinda like a wildness
  • hanutadakathaHmmm good question... i feel i need dreads and they help me to found...
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Hair wraps / dreadlock wrap how to make one

dreadlock decorations May 31, 2016

I have a secret obsession, I just love yarn, string etc. I was playing around with some yarn I had in the salon and I ended up making a new way of making hair wraps, dreadlock wraps. It’s a great way of decoration your hair or your dreadlocks with. In the video below you have a full tutorial an description on how you can make these hair wraps, dreadlock wraps at home.

 The yarn that I’ve used in this video is a yarn called Colinette Yarn, the type is Point 5. You can find there website here: You can use what ever yarn, string, fabric etc that you have at home no problem. Just remember to be creative

I would love to show off your hair wraps, dreadlock wraps that you made inspired by this video!


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How to dry dreadlocks in a warm climate

dry dreadlocks May 04, 2016

One of the most important things to do when it comes to dreadlocks is to keep them healthy and clean. To wash them on a regular basis with a shampoo that helps the hair to dread is also important, because if you just rinse your dreadlocks with water you won’t get the sweat, grease, flakiness from the scalp out of your scalp and all of this will end up inside of your dreadlocks and all this together can cause smelly dreadlocks. 

The drying part of having dreadlocks is also important for the dreadlock possess. 

If you live in a hot climate (over 25celcious) or if you have the luck of being able to go on a holiday in a lovely hot climate and need to dry your dreadlocks this is an easily way of doing this. 

When you have washed your dreadlocks and stand in the shower twist your dreadlocks in a big twist to get allot of the water out. Try to squeeze out so much water out as you can.

Put a towel on to get allot of the water out as well, make a big turban with the...

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How to dry dreadlocks with a blow dryer

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2016

When you have dreadlocks, drying them is the number one important thing to have as a good routine.
What can happen is that they can become moldy if you walk around with damp dreadlocks.

To avoid this, check out this video on how to blow dry your dreadlocks:

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