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Today, I have a question here from a girl on Instagram. She writes, “When do you suggest washing your baby dreads for the first time?”

When you start to have dreadlocks done or you maybe go to a salon or you make them yourself; it is really important for the first like few weeks that the hair can rest because a lot of tension has gone into creating your dreadlocks. So, what I highly recommend is that you, in the beginning, palm roll your dreadlocks a lot. That will the process to speed up a bit more and if you want to wait like 2 weeks, 4 weeks, it all depends on how you feel in the scalp.

A lot of people think that they get dandruff from having dreadlocks because they have to wait this process until they can wash their hair. And usually a lot of people are really used to washing their hair maybe every day. So, a good thing, if you’re thinking about getting dreadlocks done is to start to wash your hair maybe once a week, leave the conditioner out. It’s really good to start using a dreadlocks shampoo already before you get dreadlocks done because your hair learn to understand the product and it’s really important. And the longer you wait until like 1 month, it’s really, really good when you have your new dreadlocks done that you wait until you wash them because this will help the hair to understand that it’s going to be in each dreadlock and it understands that I’m going to start to grow together and it will help the maturing process to speed up a lot faster. So, if you can wait between 2 weeks and 4 weeks, 5 weeks, it’s really, really good. If you wait 1 month, I would give you a gold star because it’s really, really good to wait that long.

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