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What is inside of dreadlocks?


How many times have you heard the story about Bob Marley’s dreadlocks and what they found inside his dreads when he died?

The story is that he had several new beetle species in his dreadlocks when they cut them off (or some kind of insects).
The fact is that Mr Bob did not even have any dreads on his head when he died due to that he was to weak to hold them up.

There are so many different stories that are going around, people usually say that a friend of a friend know a guy or a girl that had a spider living in their dreadlocks, or any other kind of insect.

You might have heard that you use dirt or poo to make dreadlocks? Is there any truth in this?
Well if you are in the Namib Desert in Africa you can find the Himba tribe, the women of this tribe wears dreadlocks and cover their whole body and dreads with a red clay that can be found in the desert.
But apart from tribes in nature reserves in the world you will not find dreadheads that have made their dreadlocks with the help of dirt or poo.

Another thing people might think is that just because you have dreadlocks you thereby automatically have mold in your hair.

Yes hair can grow moldy, but only if you mismanage your hair.
If you’ll walk around with wet hair for many months, then it can mold, but otherwise don’t worry.
So everyone that have dreadlocks are definitely NOT walking around with moldy dreadlocks.

There are many, many more stories like this going around.

To prove this I’ve made a video when I take apart a few dreadlocks to show all of you what you can find inside of a dreadlock.

So can we now please start to spread the word that Dreads are Not Dirty, Dreads are Not Disgusting!
And if anyone have a judgment towards dreadlocks and what is inside them – Show them this text and video!

Are you thinking of getting dreadlocks done and are scared of all the judgments out there?
Then Don’t let it bother you  =)

Be An Inspiration For Others – Wear Your Dreadlocks Proudly!


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