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What is it that you love about dreadlocks?

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2018

I wrote this on instagram the other day: 

What is it that you love about dreadlocks? Share your story here to inspire others ❤️✌️🙏

There were so many beautifull answers so I wanted to share them with all of you! 

rampage_wrightBeing a dreadator 💪

psy.tanzThe possibilities to decorate them, the look, the self expression, the feeling, the story behind them, everthing.. 💚

susanne_hulderYou never have a bad hair day 😍

mrsrobyngentleIm a nurse so I love that mine challenge peoples perceptions... on a personal level, they add real depth to a hairstyle - however you wear your hair, its never boring.. x

dreadydoodSelf expression

alicethomson27They look like they are alive

ms.blue_912The strength they represent & hold 💙

theycallmet_dawgI think they help me represent who I am as a person, especially in the professional world. But also love not having to brush my hair (cause I hardly did when I didn't have locks😅) and being able to style them differently in minutes with minimal effort. I just love them and all the history that relates and the people I meet and have met just by having them 😁

mrscarson1I do temp dreads because i have smzero texture in my hair, it looks fuller and it easier to wear up. I think they look amazing on people who have them for real ❤️

kerrie.roeI don't have words for it. I just love mine. I guess I like challenging conformity too.

annarobyyyynnThey remind me of who i am
woodreads@seienstyle I love to create, maintain and decorate drlocks specially people who comes to me after orribile hands work and ask help, when we resolve the problem and people's faces turn smiley again... Ok when I see those faces then I really love the beautiful emotions that dreadlocks and dreadmakers could evocate. Sincerely #woofamily
fleshaxe01All natural, healty, homegrown and the look fucking good!
johnassholejimenezLooking like predator.
_.slimak._very handy when you travel- wash them once a month instead of every second day, you can use it as a pillow when you have to crash on some bench, easy to take care of- no brushing, works as extra wool hat in a winter and they looks cool even after hard night ;)
mistacreecha@seienstyle After 20yrs strong 💪🏻 I’d say one word commitment,.. a level most people don’t know about. #dreadheadforlife 
ellarchrdsnThey can come naturally or hand made  2 different styles representing a personality 😌 I love being different and expressing my personality through my hair 🌷
missluchadorThey help me look the Way i want to be seen ! And !! I dont have to comb my hair !!! Thats win win 😂😂😂✌🏼
lvcat77The history, how it is a worldwide part of us. The spirituality behind it, and the idea of thinking, "fuck what people think of me, i know who i am."
danielle_locsThey are a part of who I am, what I stand for, and all natural.. I love people actually asking me questions about them so I can educate the ignorant and help people realize my locs are part of my lifestyle and make me feel more myself... 7 years and they still change and grow
diosadreadsPersonally for me..I feel like I have a sign on my head that says, "Fuck It" 🤣😜🙊
lovely_jnetI love everything about mine, especially the length right now. I love when I curl them and style them. And to see how people react to the style because they think dreadlocks can only be worn down. My favorite thing would be how it changed my whole perspective of outer beauty. Society sees them so different in what is beautiful. Once I let go of what other think, I loved myself more and I stopped comparing myself to others. I’m better at life now, and I’m pretty sure that’s what help my hair grow a bit faster.
modlocks Freedom of expression ☝️❤️
the_dread_wizardI love that they give people back their sense of self that society had stolen from them. They help to reclaim your soul.
hand_knottedIt’s like seeing from a new perspective of beauty ...I love all kinds of dreadlocks and find them beautiful even if it’s not for everyone or appreciated by everyone. Once you do see the beauty of dreadlocks and all the growth and freedom that come with them, there isn’t any turning back.
han.lewiHow they are always changing and a constant growing process!
porcupine_knitsThey make me feel brave, like I can actually achieve averything I want ☺️
cleatabumbumI love how after getting them, society's beauty standards felt like they no longer applied to me. My own little rebellion.
oda.paintsI like their character. Each dread has its own, and I have my favourites. I began the dread journey thinking it would take little effort (which seemed appealing) little did I know it would take more effort than any other hair style, but that has lead me to appreciate and love them even more. I take care of them like I would a pet or child.
lindaphotobookThe feeling
hrc427I love that they are a social filter for me. I can tell quickly if someone new is open minded or not. Also I love how they carry my history with me, and help me represent who I am on the inside. They are also a great mom hairdo! :)
thomaskatrozan.officialThe Story behind

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