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Week 1 at Seienstyle hair extension and dreadlock salon

dreadlocks salon Jan 15, 2017
Many people ask me if I do dreadlocks and hair extensions  for a living and if there really are that many dreadheads out there that want their hair done. Yes I’m a hair stylist for a living and I also work with some healing work. 
Most of my days are about making new dreadlocks, taking care of dreadlocks and doing hair extensions and taking some healing clients. 
Well then we have all the other stuff as taking care of our webshop and making tutorial for you and day to day stuff of running a business.
Just to show you what a week in my salon can look like I’ve done a small video to show you all what a week can look like for me. You can see in this video how different all my clients are and Im super happy to show them off for you.

I started Sofias dreadlocks 2 years ago.


She has dreadlocks with extensions and we have left some loose hair on the to create a more flowy look. This time I went thru her hole head of dreadlocks and  did dreadlock maintenance and also added some new dreadlocks to her hair were she felt that she needed some new dreadlocks. She was super exited about getting all her dreadlocks cleaned up and to get some new in.

This is primus, one of my knotty kids, he is such a fun kid to be around. He loves his dreadlocks and you can tell how he is a proud dreadhead. He always shows me the lates games that he has on his ipad and different things he is working on. This time I got to see some stop motion videos that he has done with his Legos at home. Im really impressed. 
This is a photo after I did his regular dread lovin.
Here is Eva, about 4 years ago I started her dreadlocks and now she wanted something new to happen to her dreads, so she came in for some dreadlovin and also I added some synthetic dreadlocks to her hair to get some more colour to her dreadlocks. I mixed some different shades of fall colours for her that I made synthetic dreads our of.
 It’s just so great to see older people with dreadlocks. Eva is over 60 years old and wears her dreadlocks with pride.
This fall Therese contacted me and asked me if it was possible to try out dreadlocks for a while. During a consultation we talked about dreadlocks and I looked at her hair and we went for trying out synthetic dreads. After a moth Therese called me and said that she wanted to go for real dreadlocks already. So Now it was the big day. She fell in love with her new dreadlocks Instantly.
For years now Carro has been coming to me to take care of her hair.

From the begining her hair was really really short and was not healthy at all. But over the years with regular cutting her hair and adding synthetic colourful hair extensions has made her take care of her hair in another way and It’s amazing to see how her hair has started to grow and become long and nice. Here I add three different shades of purple and one black purple colour to her hair.  Its so much fun to add colour this way and its alos nice to get some more volume to the hair.


Six months ago I started Marcus dreadlocks, being 5 years old it can be hard to sit still so me and his brother Kristoffer has to make a game out of getting his dreadlocks nice and neet. I’m still amazed that he can sit still in my chair for hours.
I just love these knotty kids! 
Markus started is dreadlock journey with help of my hands years ago. He started with a full head of dreadlocks and over the years he wanted a change so we cut some of his dreadlocks off so now he only has dreadlocks on the top of his head. He has very thick curly hair and he feel like he wanted some more air to his head while training cross country skiing.
About 2 months ago Josefin decided to start her dreadlock Journey with her friend. She felt that she didn’t have enought and also that the were starting to grow together so I did some dreadlock maintenance added a few extra dreadlocks and some length on the dreadlocks. 
She was super happy with the result.

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