How to dry dreadlocks in a cold climate

Jan 11, 2017

Today, I’m going to answer you a question that I got from Instagram from Alfonso: “It’s fall wintertime and it’s getting pretty cold out. What’s the best thing to do to keep my dreads clean and dry up quickly?”

Well, when it’s winter out if you live in a really cold climate like here in Sweden, you really have to think about when you are washing your dreadlocks. So, just take a moment and figure out what day of the week is the best time to wash your hair. If you know that you’re maybe always home on a Saturday, or a Sunday or maybe you’re off on a Monday, plan on washing your dreadlocks during that day and do it in the morning. If you know that you’re going to stay inside all day, that’s a really, really good plan. But what you can do is wash your hair, make sure that you really, really squeeze out the excess water that is still in the dreadlocks when you’re in the tub or in the shower, and just like squeeze it really, really out. And then you can wrap a towel around your head. I usually do that and let the towel just take in all the water out of my dreadlocks. And I usually let it sit for about 20 minutes or 30 minutes depending on how much time you have.


Then you can start to blow dry your dreadlocks. This is not dangerous. I have a video on how to blow dry your dreadlocks here

And really, really make sure that you get them dry. It’s okay to put a hat on if you’re going out on damp dreadlocks just to keep yourself not from freezing. But make sure if you come directly inside, to take off the hat and let the hair air dry. Also, what a lot of dreadheads don’t know is it’s really, really important to have really good dreadlock shampoo that you wash your dreads with. Because the shampoo actually helps the water to rinse through the hair and not keep so much moist inside of the dreadlocks so they actually help your hair to dry quickly. I have some clients that have bought these really big drying things. It’s a big thing that you put over your head that – it’s like a big, big blow dryer that you can use.

I had a funny story from one client that told me that every time she washed her dreadlocks, she used to book the laundry room that has a really, really big drying room with big fans. So, she just sat down in this drying room with the fans on really, really warm and really strong fans and just read a book for half an hour. That made her dreadlocks dry quicker. So, just be open minded to how you can actually get your dreads to dry more quickly when it’s really cold out. But you shouldn’t not wash your dreads just because you are afraid that they are not going to dry fast.

One thing that’s not really a good idea is to wash your hair at night and put a towel on your pillow and then just let them dry there. Because you get all the water inside of the pillow and it goes directly up to your dreads again so it will take then so much longer to dry and they might start to smell real funny if you start to do that so it’s better to just walk around and have them air dry, blow dry them and then you will be fine.

Keep on posting your questions on our social media and here on YouTube and or email them at and I will keep on doing these videos for you.

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