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How to create a creative dreadlock bun!

dreadlock updo Mar 01, 2014

Do you want to learn how to make this creative dreadlock bun?

Down below you will find  the full tutorial both in pictures and also a video on how you can do this.


1. Here you can see my dreadlocks are just hanging straight, I’ve run my fingers thru them first so I see that none of them are growing together.

2. – 3. Gather all your dreadlocks together and carefully place them together so you can feel that they lie in the correct place. If you place them in the wrong place it might hurt a bit when you’ve had them up for a few hours.

4. Take a strong hair elastic and put all the dreadlocks up in a ponytail. Place the hair elastic where you feel it’s a good spot to place them. You can do this high on the head or down in the neck, depending on were you want the bun and what kind of look you are after.

5. – 6. Take 3-5 of your dreads in one hand, the same amount in the other hand and carefully tie a knot, then pull them tightly towards the scalp. Keep on doing this until you have no loose dreads left. Take dreadlock after dreadlock and tie them together until you have ties all the way thru your dreadlocks, and soon you will end up with this beautiful creative dreadlock bun!

7. Here’s the creative dreadlock bun from one side.
8. Here’s the creative dreadlock bun from the other side.
9. Here’s the creative dreadlock bun from the back.
10. And here’s the creative dreadlock bun from the side and the back.

If you like this tutorial, please let me know and feel free to share it with your friends =)
Maybe you have a special dreadlock updo that you’d like to know how its done, then please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I might choose your hairstyle next!



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