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How old should your dreadlocks be when you do your first deep cleansing, and how do you dry them?

deep clean dry dreadlocks Jan 13, 2017


I have here a question from Liz Marda on Instagram that asked me,

“How old should your dreadlocks be the first time you deep clean them?

And do you have any good advice on how to do that and how to dry them after washing?”

Well, a lot of dreadheads are really into deep cleaning their dreadlocks. It’s a really good thing if you are scared that there’s a lot of dust and scary things are stuck inside of your dreadlocks. To get a really good recipe on how to deep clean your dreadlocks, you should just Google around and see different types of recipes on how different people have made their deep cleans. If you want to buy a kit that is already made; you can buy them from Dollylocks has a kit that is finished with a shampoo and some powder that you can use.

You can find the Dollylocks deep clean kits in our shop here:

So, how old should your dreadlocks be before you start to do your first deep clean? Well, it’s not the age that really matters, it’s more how fast have your dreadlocks started to mature. If it is like this that you can pull some hair out and you feel that there’s still like a lot of air into the dreadlocks and you feel that every time you wash them they go poofy; then I shouldn’t recommend you starting to do the deep clean because you really, really want the dreadlocks to be firm and hold together before you do the deep clean. So, just make sure that your dreadlocks have started to mature and you might ask so when do my dreadlocks start to mature? It depends on what types of methods your dreadlocks have been made with. It depends on how – what type of hair you have. It depends on what technique that’s been used to make them. So, there’s a lot of different things that will add up to like how fast your dreadlocks will start to mature.

So, I recommend that you – you will feel that when you wash your dreadlocks at some point that they don’t go like all wild and crazy and poofy, then you will know that the maturing process has started and you will see that the regrowth of your dreadlocks has started to dread really much faster and you don’t really have to work that much on them. So, you will know.

Well, she had another question about how to dry dreadlocks and I have a video on how to dry your dreadlocks with a blow dryer. So, go over to this video and you will learn how to blow dry your dreadlocks:


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