How long hair do I need to have to start dreadlocks?

Feb 23, 2017


This is a very common question that people that are interested in dreadlocks keep on asking.

Well there is not really a strait answer to this one I’m afraid.  It all depends on how thick your hair is, what technice you want to use when you will do your dreadlocks and who will make your dreadlocks (yourself or as a loctitian)


If you are getting dreadlocks done on your own hair I would say that you need 10-15cm minimum if you have caussian hair, if you have affro textured hair 5 cm works great to start dreadlocks. Remember the longer your hair is the better forming dreadlocks you will have in the future.

The shorter your hair is the more you will have dreadlocks that are standing out a lot from your head. You need at least the length of longer than sholder length if you don’t  want dreadlocks that are pointing strait out from your head from the beginning. Althou that they will point out from your head doesn’t last very long.

If you feel like you can’t wait util you have longer hair and your really really feel like you need dreadlocks of your dreams at this moment and you don’t want short dreadlocks from the beginning go for having extra dread extensions put in and when you think that they are getting to long you can always cut of some length when you think they are to long. And eventually you will cut the extensions off and have only your own dreads.

Remember the most important thing to remember is that you are the only one that should feel happy and conftebul in your dreadlocks and are you in happy in your new dreads go for it, no one should tell you anything else.

So the general idea is this:

1. The longer hair you have the easier it is for your hair to lock up and mature faster. The shorter your hair is from the beginning the harder it is for the dreadlocks for form and stay in a shape of a dreadlock, it doesn’t matter who make your dreadlocks it is just the way it is.

The longer hair the better dreadlocks from the beginning!

2. If you are getting dreadlocks with extensions done you should have between 5-10cm long hair, also here the longer the better because the longer amout of hair makes a better seal between your own hair and the extension hair.

Remember the mantra of having dreadlocks is to have a lot of patinas. Dreadlocks looks better and feel more confutable the longer you have them and when they get to mature on your head.

The bottom line when it comes to how long should my hair be if I want to get dreadlocks done? There is not really a straitght answer. Sorry, its all about how the dreadlocks are being made, some techniques you loose more length than other and what type of hair that you have and what type of dreadlocks that you want.

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