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How can I prepare my hair for dreadlocks?

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2016


Todays question came from:

The lady luna: “Any advice on preparing for dreads, like preparing your scalp if you are prone to dandruff? I’ve also been trying to find the perfect shampoo. I know everyone’s hair reacts differently, but what’s your favorite?

Well, what you should start to do if you know that you are getting dreadlocks done is to stop using conditioner in your hair. It’s really important because it will be easier for the dreadlock maker or yourself if you’re making the dreadlocks yourself, to actually do the dreadlocks on your hair if it’s not too fine and silky. You’re probably going to feel that it’s a bit weird in the beginning, but don’t worry, you will get it after a while. Also, try to not wash your hair as often because when you have dreadlocks, we recommend that you only wash it – your hair about once a week. So, trying to get into the rhythm of washing your hair once a week is a really good thing even before you have your dreadlocks done and you can also actually start to using a dreadlock shampoo for your hair already even before you have started your dreadlocks. And it’s all because to get your scalp and your hair to adapt to the dreadlock products.


So, it’s really, really hard for me to recommend what type of shampoo that you should use. So, what we’ve done is we’ve put together a dreadlock shampoo guide inside of our store. You can find it at underneath all the sections with dreadlock shampoo, you can find the guide. Just click on download the guide, fill in your email address and it will be sent to you via email. And there you can read about like what type of hair you have, what type of scalp issues you have and we listed all the dreadlock shampoos that are recommended for any type of issue that you have with your hair.

When it comes to dreadlock shampoos, you have the liquid shampoo and soap shampoo. So, you will just have to see what type you like. I recommend if you are new to dreadlocks, use a soap bar, because you will be needing to rub it into the hair a lot when you wash your hair and that will make you start to learn how you can just get the shampoo down into your scalp and that you actually have to start to play around with dreadlocks. You don’t have to be so scared of getting in there and massaging the lather to get them really, really clean.

So, if you’re new to dreadlocks, try even just a soap bar just to see if you like that. I highly recommend that.

My personal favorite when it comes to dreadlock shampoo is what kind – what mood I’m in. I have all different kinds and I get free samples from all over the world with different dreadlock shampoos all the time. I really love trying them out. It’s awesome. So, for me, I use whatever I’m in the mood of, what I want my hair to smell like.

Some other things that you could think of before you get dreadlocks done is do your research. Start to save some photos of what type of dreadlocks you want and what type of dreadlocks you don’t want, because it’s really important to show the dreadlock maker pictures of this is what I want, this is not what I want my hair to look like so they know how they should go when they start to make your dreadlocks. Also, do different researches on the person that you’re going to, what are people saying about that, maybe you have a friend who is doing your dreadlocks. Have you done the research on what type of dreadlocks you’re going to make and all the techniques. So, just have all that in mind when you are getting ready to get dreadlocks.

So, I hope that answers your question. Now I want to know what do you want to know about dreadlocks?


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