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How are your dreadlocks made? Pro and cons?

Uncategorized May 02, 2017

How are your dreadlocks made?
What did you think was good about it and what was bad? Share your story in the comments below and we will make a community blog post about this:

  • h.a.r.m.o.n.y.b.r.iMine was down the natural way, but I do not have them in my head anymore but I miss them so much
  • banoscheseback combing & crochet... the first lady who did my hair didn't do a good job, then found someone else who cleaned up the mess ... almost 4 years & loving them 😊
  • bhardtha1Natural neglect.... Really like that each dread is unique and the only downside is they do what they want, and you can't really control the over all outcome:)
  • mylocksflopHad mine started with the crochet method 3 years ago and haven't touched them since besides pulling them apart and whatnot
  • baderalsaadBack combing and crochet. Took 12 hours over 2 days but well worth it. Got 44 of them. The lady that did mine was amazing, based in Berlin. Didn't heart or anything. I don't use any products though to tighten and stuff, so the locking takes time. It's been 16 months and I'm loving them.
  • your.local.snakeladyTwist and rip method. Pros: didn't have to worry much about them unlocking. Cons: VERY time consuming as all methods are but I found twist and rip to be one of the most time consuming. Also quite a few bumps developed, could just be my hair type tho.
  • your.local.snakeladyI didn't use wax either. I highly suggest never using wax, you don't want any residue within your dreads and wax leaves stuff behind and is very hard getting out later on. I know someone who used wax, yes they're dreads are basically perfectly round and beautiful, but they want clean dreads and it's been a hassle getting the wax out with multiple deep cleans.
  • danniigirl__Twist and rip, with some back combing. I have done little no no maintenance since and I couldn't be happier with the results. Yesterday my dreads made a year and six months.
  • jimerd171My good friend @paigeflutterbydid mine back combing and palm rolling. 4 years old never used wax. Live in Florida to hot for that stuff to be in my dreads and stuck to my face all day. Pro, they look clean and tight. I recieve many compliments on the neatness of them.Even tho they are all natural and i dont do anything to them now. Con, hurt like a mutha fucker. 16 hrs 62 locs. Watched almost all of the show Weeds. @paigeflutterby you killed it girlie
  • qube_goodieFree formed lox :, just twisted up the fro and let 'em lock and grow
  • knotty_girl_reaBack in 2007 I shaved my head. By August 2008 my hair was a lovely mop about 4" long. I put in my little dreads by myself sectioning it all and working on about 4 dreads a day. Taking the bands out after they were knotted by twisted, backcombed and crocheted. Now in their 9th year they reach my bum. 😊 I love my dreads x
  • feedmyenergyMy awesome dread stylist @sacredlocs uses crochet method on mine and there's really nothing bad to say about them...I love them, i always look forward to getting my hair maintained. Though the longer i wait to get my hair done the more options i have as to putting it up in a bun or an up do for work purposes.
  • chlosifmamiI did mine myself (when I had them) I just backcombed and rubbed them between my palms very fast! Pros; worked really good and stayed really strong cause my hair was very rough and thick. Cons: hard to maintain by yourself with no tools, very tiring on your arms and hard on your shoulder muscles
  • chlosifmamiMaintain as in keep the bumps from coming in and keeping them in a nice form. But overall would recommend doing it yourself and you totally don't need wax in every persons case:)
  • nojustifI have the bottom half of my scalp dreaded into 14 locks. I started off back combing but use the crochet method to keep em locked! Having no dread experience at all, I surprisingly kept them self-maintained for the last 2 years. However sectioning on my own was really difficult and to this day have no idea how my sections look. Cons: having to wash my un-dreaded hair awkwardly in the tub 😅 Pros: my hair feels so much thicker having dreads underneath !
  • bethjfitTwist and rip method for two on the bottom layer it my hair, I've had those for 1 1/2 literally little to no maintenance. Then I decided to fill the rest of the bottom half, but I got them done innerlock version. Definelty enjoy my first two better, just waiting for the new ones to mature 👍🏼😜
  • andyrtrevathanI made the decision to put down the brush back in 2014. The freeform/neglect way is what spoke to me the most. I wanted to see what my hair naturally would do. Pro would definitely be that every single dreadlock is different. I have fat round ones and skinny flat ones. A con would definitely be the locking up itself process. It tested my patience many times and i have wavy/curly frizzy hair so it looked like a rats nest at times. And i still to this day get crap about my hair from my family. But i feel like me, love my fucking hair!!!
  • paigeflutterby@jimerd171 16 hours well worth it!! I can't believe they are four years already!!
  • amyandhernannosThis is so helpful! Been wanting to start dreading my hair for ages. If anyone could give me tips for how to start and then maintenance id really appreciate it!
  • sublimehippie_yogiBack comb, twist & pull, along with crochet hooking! I just use some salt water spray, & wash them regularly with residue free shampoo. 🌱 I twist & palm roll them as much as possible. They're almost 5 months old! All my natural hair. Just being patient as they grow & enjoying the journey! You can't rush it. 👌🏼 Much love!
  • noyah_unvot_nealBack comb and crochet hook worked for me. Palm roll after showers. No cons for me!
  • annettehansen592mine are 3 years old now, got them put in by back comb and crochet method, love, love, love them sooooooooooooooo much, all mine--patiently waiting for them to grow down to my butt :)--no regrets
  • nuttystylesMy crown is 20yrs now trimmed them 4times i started them with coke using a towel then i used crochet when they riched sholder level its a journey
  • wildmoonholisticI started my dreadlocks a year ago in June. I did one and was hooked so i kept going till all but the hair on my crown was done. All back comb and crochet. I could only do a couple a day. Some are perfect and smooth and a handfull are hysterical. My hair has grown so much since I started. I would love help cleaning them up.. ive tried twice to tighten the roots but they look great (i think) i really only rinse my hair out once every 8-10 days .. ive been off shampoo for almost 4 years now. Just rinse with soft warm water and then a final rinse with a tea/ACV and essential oil rinse (or coffee) that I leave in. They are so easy I love them!! No real cons I can think of except my scalp itches sometimes.
  • campanamandalaOmg, I made my own and even my extensions. I remember making them so tight with rubber bands to separate the hair that my scalp got all red and got an eczema from hell. I called you desperately and you asked me "have you washed it?" Hahaha 😹 that was simply brilliant. Luckily I was working with Björn Axén at the time and i got the Eco line. Shampoo and even à smaller conditionair. The soothing scalp gel was so good on My irritated head. To that i added the salt water spay with vitamins and that helped to keep the dreads alive and flexible. Today i wash My Hair less and less. IT is a LOT less greasy than in the begining. My scalp doesnt get irritated anymore. But i still use dry shampoo once à week and Simmonds detox shampoo once a month. I stoped using perfumes completely but i spray neroly water by Kerstin florian sometimes for à change instead of salt water spray <3 i Love My dreads, they need rooting dread loving tho. They havent been treated for à while
  • jaxtekDone mine by myself, took me almost two months on and off, didn't have the patience to do it all at once, used the twist and rip and crochet method, wash them once every 8-9 days, I try to hold out for longer but I can't handle it lol palm roll and twist, I tie mine up quite alot but I am learning not to do this so much and just leave them out to breath, I use coconut oil on my scalp and salt spray now and then...and yeah lol
  • dreadioactiveTwist and rip method is realy good. Dreads made by this method are thicker so you can start with smaller sections and lots of dreads. Dreads are much longer than in backcombing so it's good to start your dreadlocks journey this way than by some extensions. Dreads are growing so faast and method I like the most is natural forming. I do corrections every half year or every year but I like waiting for new generations of natural zigzags and loops and stuffs..
  • w_o_l_f_a_n_d_i_n_kI did mine myself and couldn't happier! Back comb and I do maintenance with a crochet needle for my type of hair ☺️ going on 5 years this coming August! I'll never hurt rid of them! My babies!
  • cathy_catocheDecember 2015. New head made by my boyfriend with a 0.5 hook. Outch yeah it hurts a lot but i don't regret !! Some people ask me "But if you doesnt want it anymore, will you shave your head ?" But i love them so much !! I'll keep my locks until i have a cancer maybe... (hope no) But i dont see any reasons to cut my little tentacles 😍 not for a job. Be proud of them they are what you are 😉 Grow up my little ones, grow up ! 😙
  • riding.ethereal.wavelengthsMine are baby baby. Like two weeks old now, and i have a lot of loose hairs that have found their way outside of the locks, and the roots are often loosening. I try not to tighten them with my hook, but it can be really tempting when the lock starts to look likr normal hair halfway down. Doing my best to stay patient with my smooth hair type, knowing that using twist and rip and crochet, no wax, keeping them clean, they will start to lock over the next few months. Also tempting to tie them individually with yarn, but taking the recommendation not to from many sources because it can hinder the locking process. Looking for any tips on baby dreads and how to maintain, i use dr. Bronner's and apple cider vinegar, palm roll palm roll palm roll, and an essential oil and distilled water spray bottle to keep them hydrated. Help!
  • hanging_moss_pnwI started growing my hair from bic bald. After a year of growth I got a Gerry curl perm and rocked the Afro. After the perm started relaxing it was all neglect with a little wool beanie rubbing here and there. Palm rolling, the right res free shampoo and the least amount of wax possible. Strictly maintenance now, and of course have undreaded hair in parts. After 6 yrs, 2 months and 13 days I couldn't be happier with my locks! Currently using your nag champa shampoo and and have owned the spray also. Love the smell! Love your products!
  • soulfullchadThrew away the comb about 5years ago , and was swimming in the ocean everyday. Rolling them out from time to time but they basically formed themselves 😀✌🏼
  • funknwicked"Sista System" method only for me. Google it. No loss of length, no wax, all natural, all hair types and very gentle on you and your hair. :)
  • hippieheartssWhat are pro and cons about partial dread locs? Loose dreads. ?

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