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Dreadlock updo- How to make wavy dreadlocks

wavy dreadlocks Aug 13, 2018

One easy thing that you can do to make a big dramatic change with your dreadlocks is to make them wavy. It’s an easy way of making a new apperans with your dreads and I promise you that you will have loads of people being jealous of your lovely waves that you can create!

What you need is some hair elastics, some hairpins if you want to put up your dreadlocks while they are drying. Some setting lotion and some patiens.

1. Do this when your dreadlocks are freshly washed and they are still damp, or sprits your hole head of dreadlocks with water. For en extra effect that will make the wave last longer is to sprits your hole head of dreadlocks with setting lotion mixed with water. 

2. Start off with sectioning your dreadlocks take between 3-6 dreadlocks and braid them from the root and all the way down. (make a 3 way braid) See the video below) Be aware that don’t braid them to tight from the bottom because your scalp can become irritated with being to tightly braided (it happened to me the first time I did this) 

3. Keep on braiding your dreadlocks util you don’t have any left. Remember if you want an even wave on your dreadlocks take the same amount of dreadlocks in each braid, the amount of dreadlocks will determine the size of the wave. If you want to go wilde and crazy and have uneven waves don’t count the amount of dreadlocks in each braid. 

4. Let it dry. Leave your dreadlocks hanging, or put them up in a lovely updo while they dry. How long it will take depends on your dreadlocks, your hair and the climate that you are in. Wait 24 hours and see if they are dry if not wait another 24 hours. The longer you wait you will have a longer lasting wave!

5. The wave will last until you wash your dreadlocks. This all depends on how big locs you have and how your hair will allow your dreadlocks to be curly and also how your dreadlocks are made.

6. Have fun be creative! I would love to see what your dreadlocks will look like so please post pics on our Facebook and be an inspirations for others.

7. If you like this tutorial please share it with your friends!



Here is a video with full instructions on how you can make your dreadlock wavy!


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