A week at Seienstyle dreadlock and hair extension salon

Feb 01, 2017
Many people ask me if I do dreadlocks and hair extensions  for a living and if there really are that many dreadheads out there that want their hair done. Yes I’m a hair stylist for a living and I also work with some healing work. 
Most of my days are about making new dreadlocks, taking care of dreadlocks and doing hair extensions and taking some healing clients. 
Well then we have all the other stuff as taking care of our webshop and making tutorial for you and day to day stuff of running a business.
Just to show you what a week in my salon can look like I’ve done a small video to show you all what a week can look like for me. You can see in this video how different all my clients are and Im super happy to show them off for you.

This is Hanna she has partial of her hair dreaded. 


Today me and Hanna was trying to figure out how long ago I started her dreadlocks. We can’t remember maybe 3-4 years ago maby longer. We were talking a lot about some dreadlock videos that we are going to make together. Hanna is a very talented makeup artist so I’m looking forward to see what she is going to create for these videos!

Christel and me go way back together along long time, she started to come to me over 14 years ago to get her hair extended and she just loves is. To have clients that come back to me over and over again creates a very special relationship. The methodI use here is pinchbraids and as you see the hair is attached with a braid and string.

This is Daniel, I started his dreadlocks last summer and it’s dreads on his own hair and with human hair extensions for length. 
He came in for a touch up just before moving to California. I wish him all the best.
This fall Anna called me and wanted to try out synthetic dreads, she got two sets of synthetic dreads from her friend another client of mine. This week it was time to redo the braids that the synthetic dreads are attached with. 
This method works great and don’t damage your own hair.
Anna loves her dreads so much that she is planning on getting real dreadlocks in the spring.

Over 13 years ago I started Magnus dreadlock Journey and sense then he has been coming to me about every three months for a dreadlock mainances. We both gotten older and life has given us alot of different challenges. It’s amazing to be albe to follow Magnus as long as I has.


This is Julia she came in from Västerås to get ger dreadlocks Done by me.
this is Second time she is trying out dreadlocks. Her first time did not go as she wanted, she then had synthic hair in her extensions and it was not what she expected.
The years passed and she got exited about getting dreadlocks again so she contacted me.
First I dread her own hair and then I add the extension hair with a small small crochet hook strand by strand and then I crochet the hair extension into a dread. 
She was super exited about her look the hole Day and even more exited when we were finagled. One more proud dread head to the world!
This is Caitlin about two years ago I started her dreadlocks. Now it was over a year that she had them maintained so it was time again. 
Her hair is dreadlocks with human hair extensions and they are growing and maturing beautifully.
About two years ago Paul contacted  me about getting dreadlocks done.
He had relativity short hair but wanted to see his dreadlocks as a journey. Now two years later they are maturing and taking a really nice shape I really like the look on them.
Per started his dreadlocks journey over eight years ago when they were new he found me to have them maintained and to this day he still comes for his dreadlocks maintaining on a regular basis.
Look How long and lovley they have turned out.

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