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Ann-Marie Christell

I’m offer dreadlocks, hair extensions and healing were ever I travel 

Last Monday I had my good friend Karen from http://modlocks.com/  to hang out with me on Facebook and Instagram and talk about dreadlocks. Here you can watch the replay. We are chatting about how it is to work as a loctician and about dreadlocks in general. Here you can see the full video of our Facebook live stream.
I’m doing facebook lives every monday at 7pm swedish time and make sure to join me and ask me anything that you want to know about dreadlocks,

Today I have Karen from Modlocks : http://modlocks.com/ with me chatting about dreadlocks, so now we want to know what do you want to ask us about dreadlocks, we have over 36 years of experience together.

Slået op af Seienstyle i Mandag den 16. juli 2018

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