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Ann-Marie Christell

I’m offer dreadlocks, hair extensions and healing were ever I travel 

I get a lot of questions about dreadlocks so here is a video from when I answer your questions about dreadlocks.
Join me next thursday at 7pm swedish time for my next facebook live!


Ask me anything about Dreadlocks!

Ask me anything about Dreadlocks!The products that I talk about in the video can be found under these links:http://www.dreadlocks.com.au/en/shampoos/63-dread-empire-classic-dread-shampoo.htmlhttp://www.dollylocks.com/https://www.knottyboy.com/Here you can find the crochet hooks:https://www.purplelindacrafts.co.uk/prym-soft-handle-crochet-hooks-060mm-to-175mm-431-c.aspHope to see you the same time next week to hang out and talk about dreadlocks =)

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